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Let me know if this sounds familiar...

Imagine what your life would look like if ........

you started living the healthy and active lifestyle you have always wanted.

you FINALLY lost those unwanted pounds and inches.

you actually enjoyed working out and had a plan, accountability and support to reach your goals

you had a revolutionary change in mindset to prioritize yourself and your health.

had radical confidence in your body and lived life to the fullest.

This is what Health Through Mobility will help you accomplish, one simple step at a time.

The Four Pillars

Pillar One: Balance Training

Balance training (or retraining) is a very important part of fall prevention, especially for seniors.

In all programs, balance exercises will be included.

I know that balance training is often left out of programing - but I feel it is an essential part of improving our overall health and fitness.

It is important to feel confident in our body's ability to prevent falls, as falls are a huge health risk for seniors.

Pillar Two: Stretching

When your body’s structures (such as ankles, hips, lower and upper back and head) are out of alignment for many years this can cause your joints to become irritated and inflamed.

When your joints become irritated then your muscles tighten and stiffen around the joint to prevent the joint from moving and causing further injury and pain.

Over time, chronically tight muscles can lose their ability to shorten, lengthen and relax.

Stretching in the process of elongating and lengthening the muscles and retraining the muscles to move how they were supposed to move before the tightness, pain and compensations happened. 

Stretching regularly can retrain the muscles to shorten, lengthen and relax effectively which will allow the joint to move back into the original positions.   

When the joints move back to their intended positions and the muscles shorten, lengthen and relax effectively this relieves pain and improves range of movement, making your body feel rejuvenated and relaxed!

Pillar 3: Strength Training

Strength exercises strengthen the muscles which will support proper alignment.

You will develop stronger muscles which will make performing everyday tasks easier.

You will be able to perform these tasks for longer periods of time without getting tired.  Your joints will become stronger and more stable so they can support you without pain and fatigue.

As well, your bones will become stronger and you will have better coordination.

As you progress through your strengthening exercises, they will become more integrated. This means that your whole body will be working together, like what happens in real life while performing the activities that you love!

Pillar Four: Mindset, Goals and Motivation

Mindset, goals and motivation is an essential piece of being successful in your exercise/fitness program.

Knowing why you want start a program is key to lasting change.

We will work through your goals and motivations to guarantee your success!

If your goals are to keep up with your grandchildren, to feel more flexible or to prevent health issues - all goals and motivation are individual and important.

We will create a tailored program just for you and your goals.

A Covid 19 Project: Shipping Container to Gym Pod

The Pod

The Pod is Health Through Mobility's Personal Training Studio, located between Gananoque and Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada. 

It is a shipping container that has been renovated into a Personal Training Studio! 

Even though it is small, it is fully equipped with all the equipment needed to give you a great, full body workout comparable to a full sized studio. 

The Pod contains a power rack with full weight plate set, TRX suspension trainer, pull up bar, Total Body Gym, dumbbells, various resistance bands, Bosu ball, battle ropes and kettle bells! 

All sessions are private one on one sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer, no other members will be present during your session which provides 100% privacy and safety.

Marion's Testimonial

As a recent widow in her seventies,I have truly benefited from the virtual Health Through Mobility classes offered by Jessica Parkinson.
I have been attending her classes twice a week since February. Over that time,my mobility, strength and balance have all increased! I benefited through the snowy winter months. 
Jessica's  virtual classes have really helped me by providing fun, great feedback during the classes and social connectedness with Jessica and the other class participants!! The virtual classes have been a genuine game changer for my health and my mental health!! 
What a wonderful, easy and fun way to feel better and be better!!


Grace's Testimonial

I have been a client of Jessica's for 5 months enjoying and benefiting from her Group Fitness Classes. Health Through Mobility owned and operated by Jessica offers a variety of courses designed to get you motivated to keep moving. As an instructor, Jessica puts her programs together to include key fundamental exercises, a variety of techniques and gives you the positive reinforcement required to stick with it and be proud of your progress. As a retiree at 61, I became more sedentary and without discipline I began and then abandoned exercising efforts. Jessica's ZOOM classes were the key and I am a very happy to see my progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Health Through Mobility and Jessica as your trainer. You deserve it!